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About The Brasel Law Firm

Serving Nashville and Beyond

The Brasel Law Firm PLLC is proud to be the trusted counsel for Howard County, the City of Nashville, the City of Mineral Springs, and multiple local businesses. Our preparation, planning, and attention to detail are just some of the reasons why we are trusted by clients large and small. 

In addition to serving corporations and entities, the Brasel Law Firm is proud to represent families across Southwest Arkansas, in Nashville, De Queen, Hope, Murfreesboro, Glenwood, and elsewhere. We'd be honored to serve you and your family as well.

Our Approach to Family Law

Knowing that each client faces different circumstances, we customize a legal strategy based on your individual needs. We will give you solid counsel for every step of the legal process to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family. We ensure you receive a clear explanation of all the legal aspects of your case in "layman's" terms, and we keep you advised on new developments concerning your case as they arise.

Aaron and Heather Brasel

meet aaron brasel

Aaron R. Brasel has been an attorney since 2009 and has tried hundreds of cases, including nearly 20 jury trials. Aaron graduated cum laude from the University of Arkansas School of Law in 2009. A lifelong Razorback fan, Aaron went directly to law school after graduating summa cum laude from the University of Arkansas School of Business in 2006.

Aaron is married to Heather Brasel. Together they live with their two children, Maddox and Baylor, where they are members of Nashville First Baptist Church and deeply supportive of their local community.

"Aaron Brasel is a very dedicated attorney who works diligently to represent his clients well!"

Ramona K. Hill
"Aaron and his secretary are very efficient, professional, and friendly. I recommend them highly."

Ruth Ann Sherraden Jacobs
"I really appreciate Aaron Brasel for previously helping me with a difficult situation that I had not experienced before. He handled things in a professional manner and did not waste any time in assisting me. I would highly recommend him for any law issues you might have."

Jonathan Canaday

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